Celebrities Deaths – Social Media – A double edged sword

Celebrities deaths all over social media, Prince, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Victoria Wood, Kate Spade to name but a few amazing people who have died and left us all wondering…….. Although many of us have not met these people we feel very…
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EFT Tapping World Summit – Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Attracting Abundance

EFT Summit Tapping

The 10th Annual Tapping World Summit,  started on Monday, February 5th. The audience was world wide and you can still benefit from this summit. This free online event has been attended by over 2 million people in the past eight years….
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What is in bread? It might be something good.

What is in bread? Do you know what is in your bread?   I love bread, always have, the warmer and fresher the better.  Bread was in my diet everyday, sandwiches, dipping in my favorite gravy and of course toasted…
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Natural Remedies that really work for sleep

Noise machine for sleep

What do you do when you can’t sleep? Do you count sheep?  Do you toss and turn all night?  Without sleep, we cannot heal our bodies or get the necessary rest our body needs to function properly. The search for…
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